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Flipkart is the first Indian owns platform that sell products through their e-commerce website and app. Though now 77% of shares are now bought by Walmart still this company has been a parcel of our lives since long time. The Flipkart company started their business by selling books with the investment of 5600 USD and now company deals in 80+ millions of products. The average revenue of the company is around 60 billion.

This was the company who started the model of online shipping in India. The brand gains lots of popularity and reach among large amounts of people or audience. Till date the e-commerce company deals in 80+ categories of products. There are around 100 million registered customer on the platform.

The Flipkart company has tied up with number if brands and sellers to display and sell their products through their platform. So this shows how much trust has been built by the company. The e-commerce website also started their affiliate business and providing commission to the peoples who make their products sale.

In today’s world everybody knows the value and credibility of the company. The e-commerce company sells all kinds of products such as consumer electronics, apparels, accessories, perfumes, household equipment and accessories and many more on this list.

The Flipkart offers the best ever prices to their customers. The company often brings discount offers, big billion days and many more schemes in order to provide the best value of the products to customer.

The e-commerce company has brought the shopping hub to you home only. They deliver the products at your doorsteps only with no costs.

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